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Do you remember when that TV show came on a few years back that showed you step by step how all great magic tricks are done?  It was called Magicians Secrets Revealed or something like that.  I can’t remember the exact name, but the point is this:  That show stirred up a hornets nest! The day after that show aired, four of the most famous magicians were shown voicing their outrage during interviews on the national evening news.  These poor guys were extremely upset and angry because they witnessed first-hand while all their greatest magic tricks were being explained in full detail.  They knew the “Cat was out of the bag” that “The genie was out of the bottle.”  They knew their magic would no longer have the amazing impact it once did.  I’m about to make a point, so please bare with me here and keep reading…

Everyone knows this famous American line: “A magician never reveals the secret."

Well, I guess everyone knows this except for the magician standing there revealing every great magic trick there ever was.  Right there on Fox TV, for the first time in U.S. history, everyone was shocked to see this magician revealing every classic magic trick that most famous magicians perform on a regular basis. Step-by-step, and in great detail.

He broke all the rules of magic.  Most important, he broke the code that all magicians said they’d never break. 

Ok, I know by now you’re wondering why I keep talking about magic and magicians secrets so I’ll just go ahead and get to the point right now.

You may already know this, but sales, marketing, and advertising are very similar to magic.  For instance, only a small percentage of the people in the world fully know and understand how to perform a magic show.  Likewise, only a very small percentage of the people in the world know the true secrets of sales, marketing, and advertising.  Even less people know how to generate anything more than 10,000 visitors a day to their website.  And trying to get these people to reveal their secrets is next to impossible. Until now...

Sales, marketing, and advertising are a true art and science.  And the people who have mastered this art and science are not usually willing to tell others the secrets that keep their bank accounts full of cash.  They are afraid that if others find out their tips, tricks, and secrets, they will become far less effective.  So they keep their mouth shut!

Until now…

One of these masters of marketing has just come forward and decided to break the secret code among internet marketers.  It’s been called "The most revealing book on the internet!"  For the first time, a true “Master of Internet Marketing” is doing the same thing that the aboved referenced magician did to the world of magic a few years back.  Only this time it’s not a magician, it’s a marketing master.  And this time you won’t see it on Fox TV because it’s only available in this book right here!  This book, reveals to you, the shocking truth about internet marketing.  There is even one secret trick that can turn one website into seven thousand dollars worth of free advertising.  You’re about to learn every time tested, proven tip, tool and trick in the arsenal of marketing.  This amazing book reveals every secret the "big players" use, but aren't telling you about!

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Make a full time income by spending only 1 hour a day at your computer.

Completely eliminate the cost of online advertising and promotions.

Use a special new method of customer billing that is spreading like wild-fire.

Understand the single most powerful and important new billing technique that virtually all successful internet marketers have in common.


"Hello fellow entrepreneurs, and welcome to the official  website where your new income is just a click away.”


Our email address is: joe1dunbar@yahoo.com

Who am I?  My name is Joe Dunbar and i would like to introduce you to my good friend Jason. Jason is the above referenced "Magician" of internet marketing. He is going to let you know, in his own words, what he does for a living and tell you a little bit right here and now. But I can't let him tell you everything because then you would never buy my book.

I begin my "work" day by checking my commission payment totals from the many companies I do business with online.  Actually my computer does all the business with these companies automatically.  I mostly just watch on my computer screen to make sure it’s all running smoothly.   My favorite part is to find out how much money I made while I was sleeping.  I then answer emails for about 10-15 minutes. Around 9:15 I take my dog out for a walk so he can do his thing. When I return home I do my daily advertising and promotional chores – all in less than an hour!

By 10:15 A.M. My work is finished and my options are open.  I can go to the gym, get breakfast, or head out to the golf course.  Every day is like week-end for me.  Fun-Fun-Fun.

"My first year I made $78,400 at this! Wait until you see what I'll make this year!"

In the past I actually ran a fairly successful business in the off-line world.  I liked the work I was doing but the cost of running an office was eating up a lot of my profits.  Below are just a few of my average office bills.

Office Rent:  $1,200 per month
phone:  $ 350 per month
Postage:  $ 800 per month
Printing and supplies:  $1,200 per month

Advertising:   $4,000
Employee Wages:  $2,700 per month

My costs above are actually pretty standard for most small businesses in the off-line world.  But in 1996 I kept hearing .com this and www. that, forward slash this, etc.  And I could tell that big things were already happening in the online world.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that If I started an internet business I would no longer need to pay rent because I could work from a spare bedroom.  And I realized that I could get software to automate my online business so I would no longer need to pay employees.  I knew I could easily do my own printing on my own computer and that email would eliminate the need to pay postage.  This all made perfectly logical sense to me.  The only problem for me was that computers and the internet didn’t make sense to me.

You should know that back in 1996 I knew absolutely nothing about the internet or even how to send an email.  I had never even touched a typewriter so I couldn’t even type.  Even though I could see the internet was the direction that business was going, I must confess that I actually hated computers and the internet up until the summer of 96.  It’s true, I really thought the internet was evil and that computers were going to cause the end of life as we knew it.  Well, I was right about one thing: computers did cause the end of life as we knew it.  Combined with the internet they allowed the little people of the world to go head to head with giant corporations and win!  The playing field was now level!  For the first time ever, us little guys could easily reach as many people with our advertising as the big corporations do and we could do it for pennies a day!

Even though I hated computers and this whole internet thing, something strange started happening…

As more and more people I knew were getting online, I noticed something very unusual.  People I was doing business with kept asking me what my company website address was or they would ask me for my email address. 

I didn’t even have a computer at that time let alone a website or email.  I knew I better get a fast education about how to work a computer or this internet revolution just might leave me behind.

People were now expecting all businesses to have a website and an email address so I could no longer ignore this loud online rumbling.

So I had a friend of mine slap together a cheap website for me and show me how to use email.  Keep in mind, I wasn’t trying to make any serious money online yet, I just didn’t want to look stupid the next time someone asked me what my website address or email was.

At this time I wasn’t totally convinced that the internet was going to make me a gazillionaire.  I was basically just having fun and trying to see if I could actually pay all my bills by just working from my bedroom.

But you probably already know how addicting surfing online can be…

The first time you get hooked up online It’s like a new world opens up to you.  You quickly become excited by the freedom and relaxation that surfing the internet can offer. "Wow!, I was impressed and it was in those first few days on the net that I knew I wanted a piece of all this internet action."

“My first year was a complete nightmare!"

There were so many different money making opportunities to choose from.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Most of these programs claimed I could actually make a six figure income by literally doing nothing.  Wow!, I’m going to be rich, I thought.

But when it’s your first time on the net, you don’t know any better.  As a rookie, I had no idea how much hype and out-right lies existed on the internet.  I believed all the hype because I wanted it to be true.

Within my first year I had spent every penny from my savings account starting various internet businesses that didn’t make anything in return.  I signed up with anything and everything I surfed upon and wasted 14 hours a day getting nothing accomplished but losing more money.  Once again, I hated the internet and computers.

But giving up was not an option.  I was completely addicted to surfing the net.

It became like gambling in a casino to me.  I was just so sure that the next program I signed up with would have the big cash pay-out that I’d been searching for.  Fortunately, I was still making enough money in the off-line world to finance my expensive internet expedition.  I felt like a modern day explorer, only I had yet to discover anything worth while.

Then finally at last I found it!  It reminded me of that old story where the guy finds a lantern and rubs it to get all the dust off it.  Then POOF! The genie appears.  That’s how it felt when I first opened the system that made perfect sense and perfect money.  The money didn’t happen instantly but it was a solid income that was enough to live on.  I was soon making enough to quit my day job and that was all I ever wanted out of this crazy thing called the internet.  But finding a system that truly worked was one of the most frustrating and painful challenges I’d ever set myself up for.

I earned that money!  I felt like I just finished a year of internet boot camp.

Here’s a fact:

I hate to sound like a pessimist but in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the internet is mostly one big lie!  During my first year of internet misery and torture, I had been lied to by over 175 companies on the internet.  I really feel that I was scammed, conned, lied to, and ripped off by over 175 companies.  It’s sad to say but the truth is most business opportunities on the net are one big lie designed to do one thing and one thing alone, and that is…  TAKE YOUR MONEY and run!  The result is that 98.5% of all people starting a new business opportunity will never see an income from it.

But during my travels I figured out why the average person starting up an internet business will never make a nickel…You wanna know why?

The reason why is actually quite simple.  It all goes back to that “Magician never tells” principle we talked about above.  You see, there are a few “True Professional Internet Marketers” that actually do know the big secrets that really do generate enormous money on the internet.  You may have seen a few of them giving their pitch on TV infomercials.  But even though these big-shots are truly making enormous cash, they will never tell you the big secret of how you can do it yourself.  They will only tell you just enough to keep you excited and optimistic.

But now there is shocking news!  A time has come just like when that masked magician broke the code among magicians and revealed how all magic is done.  This time it’s a “Real Professional Internet Marketer” who is breaking the code among the “Big Players” involved in marketing on the net.  Finally one of the true hot-shots who has already made his internet fortune has revealed all the secrets that until now, have never been released.

Yes, it’s true!  Every secret tip, trick, technique, and tool has been clearly laid out for you in an easy to read book.

Ok, now I know what you are thinking… "Why are you going to tell me all the secrets?  Wouldn’t you make even more money if nobody else knew the secrets?"

I believe there is a time and a place for everything in life.  I have used my time wisely to accumulate enough money to easily retire 7 times over.  It’s like this:  Does Bill Gates really need to make any more money?  Of course not, and that’s why he now gives away a lot of his time, knowledge, and money.  I truly believe that once you make your fortune in life, it’s time to give something back to the people of the world that helped you get it in the first place.

That brings us to your next question:  “If you have so much money to retire on, then why don’t you just give out this book and all the secrets for free?”  Well…  there are 2 important reasons. 

1.       I don’t want thousands of people doing this.  If everyone knew the secrets contained in this book, it might not be as effective for the people who are currently using this system to provide for their families.  So charging a fee helps limit the amount of people that know how to do this which will protect your income too!

2.      The second reason I don’t give this book out free is because I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and I believe that if you have a high quality product that you worked hard for, you should protect its value.  I know for fact that once you give something away free, it no longer has any value.   I’ve worked for years to perfect the techniques outlined in this book, and never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would ever share these secret techniques with anyone.

…I did all the work and made all the discoveries over the past few years and now it’s your turn to make some money!

Below are just a few samples of what you’re about to learn:

How to put an end to the insanity of staring at your computer screen for hours on end with nothing to show for it!  This exciting book shows you step-by-step how to bring in a rock solid income by spending no more than 1 hour a day in front of your computer.  

Have you heard about all these people that have fancy looking websites with spectacular products and services on them but no orders coming in? Here’s a shocking fact so hold on to your chair for what I’m about to tell you: There are thousands of ugly websites with boring products out there pulling in more orders than they can handle at this very moment! How? Because they know it’s not about a pretty website with pretty products…The “Real Internet Experts” know it’s all about traffic, traffic, and more traffic. These guys know the secrets to getting over 10,000 new visitors a day to their website automatically and without lifting a finger! The same closely guarded techniques they are using to do this are all revealed in the book. It doesn’t have to be a secret anymore!

Are you spinning your wheels with “the search engines” and getting nowhere?  Here’s a fact:  You will go hungry and broke if you continue to invest your time and energy into getting that 1st page, # 1 ranking that everyone is struggling to achieve.   There is a much better way folks that you are just minutes away from discovering!  You’re about to be the master of your domain! 

By now you must have seen hundreds of different ads promising to get your website listed on thousands of different search engine directories for FREE.  You probably already know that it’s just another lie.  But this online book will show you how to turn their own lie against them and get all the “Real Traffic” they don’t want you to know about for yourself.  I am going to show you a single internet marketing tactic that beats these guys at their own game and takes their own traffic!

So exactly how much does it cost to find out all these techniques, tips, tricks and secrets?

Only $19.95!

That’s all!  Just $19.95 to have the code of “Internet Marketing Professionals” broken in front of your very own eyes!  A one time fee of only $19.95 to have all of their secrets revealed for the first time!  It’s these Internet Marketing Professionals that have been keeping you down all this time by telling you their outrageous lies over and over again.  Don’t let them do it to you anymore!  They’re in control right now but you can easily take it away from them.  Take control of your own internet destiny starting right now!

Can this book really bring thousands of new visitors to your website starting today?  Absolutely! I’m so confident about this online book that I’m going to reveal all the secrets to you for 60 days to try them out for yourself...If you aren’t completely satisfied with your new income and the thousands of new visitors to your website, I’ll give you 100% of your money back.  No Questions Asked! All I ask is that you try it out for 60 days, and if you are not completely satisfied then email us for a prompt refund.

Let's wrap this up... I've pefected a very unusual internet money-making system. This ideal internet business gives me up to $2,778.50 in a single day! I really believe you can learn and use this system to give you the same income I'm currently bringing home. Everything you need to get started with this system is provided to you for less than the price of dinner for two!

Consider this: If your life continues in the same direction it is now...

                  Will you honestly be where you really want to be one year from today?

                  How can you be certain you'll be any closer to the financial freedom you want?

                  Will your dreams, plans, and desires actually become to be your reality?

If you don’t like your own answers to the above questions… I will help you take the steps to get you on the right path toward changing your financial situation forever.

If you plan on getting different results in your life, you obviously need to do something different than you've been doing.

Yes, you can keep dragging yourself out of bed to that meaningless, never ending day job, putting in those miserable, long days at your job. Yes, you can keep hoping and praying that one day you'll some how get ahead and make something substantial for yourself.

But why on Earth would you bother putting yourself through all that?

Why not put a stop to all that misery right here and now. It's a matter of simply investing in yourself and finding out how easy it is to create more than one income stream. With this time-tested, proven program in your hands you’ll begin to discover the real, genuine secrets to bringing in absolute wealth and freedom. Take a moment to think about this:

$19.95 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’d be missing-out on if you choose not to get this course. IF YOU EMAIL ME I WILL EVEN GIVE YOU A PREVIEW OF THE BOOK, JUST SO YOU KNOW YOU ARE TRULY GETTING QUALITY.

If you don't take action now while it is fresh in your mind, then -
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Get your copy of this money making, traffic pulling online book right now!  Soon you can live life on your terms – and this book will help you every step of the way.



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